Commercials - Short films - Video Clips

I'm a fan of short films, commercials and video clips.
Here after please find some that held my attention.

The Videos of the moment...Enjoy!

What's Opera, Doc ?!

1 Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran

To all the people I love - I just wanna know you better cause you are everything to me.

2 Lead Breakfast - Pogo (Pull Fiction)

Just with the quotes of a great movie create an awesome tune like that is ...Waouw!

3 German Bedtime Song

Our german friends do have a wicked sence of humor !


Makes me laught every time ! Be Vintage lol!

5 People are Awesome 2013

A good friend showed me these videos on Awesome peeps ...This is the first of a nice list.

6 Squarepusher - Come On My Selector

Sensitive souls please avoid. Awesome music and dark wierd video clip just like I lov'em !

7 This drummer is at the wrong gig

watch and learn !

8 "6 Mafia" - Smokin On Da Dro (Alice In Wonderland Edition)

Very nice dumb. Enjoy !

9 Male Restroom Etiquette

Gents ! watch take notes and never break the rules again ! The peace on earth depends on it!

10 José – Jeannette (suicide dude) FR

Court métrage en français. L'humour est noir...genre trou noir, quoi! C'est très bien foutu. Ames sensibles s'abstenir.

The Archives (videos' links)

Winter 2013

Safety Vest – Un simple geste envers son prochain
Island or the country where there is Real Change
Lynx - The Lynx Effect
Williams Shaving Gel soft skin
Purina meowmix meow mix cat food
Rock DJ – Robbie Williams
Video La Pomme d'Adam (Adam's Apple)
The Duel At Blood Creek

Winter 2011-2012

1 Amon Tobin - Esther's - music clip
2 iPad Apple newspaper - Commercial
3 Understanding Men... Beer Commercial
4 Short Animation -ALARM- HD720
5 . I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

Special Kids

1 Volkswagen vs the Force - Commercial
2 Ma maman elle a dit que j'peux!
3 Tu pousses le bouchon un peu trop loin, Maurice

Summer' 666

The Black hole - short movie
Levi's freedom to Move - commercial
3x3 basket - short movie
Tekken 3 Therapy - Commercial
Trojan Condom - commercial
Distraxion - short animation movie

LOVEFIELD - Short movie (by Mathieu Ratthe)
Resident Evil 4 - commercial
dentyne frost bite chewing gum - commercial
Still Life - short movie
Ghost Car - commercial parody
anti-drugs commercial

Diet Coke commercial - 1
Diet Coke commercial - 2
Diet Coke commercial - 3
Axe - shower girls - Commercial
Axe - X-Ray Vision - Commercial
I believe in miracles - short animation

February 2010

Embrace Life - always wear your seat belt
The Swrink - Short movie
insurence company - commercial
1984 Apple's Macintosh Commercial
Nike commercial - basket, Michael Jordan

January 2010

Mr Okra
(video has been removed & set as private. Sorry)
Inside - short movie
Bud Light commercial, Lets play the Stranger...
William's Gel, soft skin - banned commercial
Wii Would like to Play. - Commercial

December 2009 commercial - Mom is santa
Yoda's Rap!
Levi's Commercial
Signs - Short film
New Yorker - dress for the moment commercial

November 2009

Xbox 360 - commercial
Ameriquest - Don't judge too quickly - commercial campain
Offside - short film
Soesman Languague Training commercial - Learn English?
Berlitz commercial - language for life

September 2009

The Haircut
Dove - Evolution
Why sports? ...You'll live longer
American Express; My Life, My Card feat. M. Night Shyamalan
Nintendo Commercial - Japan

August 2009

The Sound of Music in Antwerpen Central station
The shining - trailer comedy!
"Star" Madonna vs BMW
Vim cream commercial
End-of-the-World soccer game

July 2009

Farador - Canadians playing D&D RPG
Bill Clinton Voodoo Doll
Japan Girls supa Kawai commercial
Respire initial video clip - Mickey 3D
Soccer Kid commercial

June 2009

Spin - God in a DJ
Madonna HM (director's cut)
Girls gone WoW !
Dancer Athlet - Nike.for.women commercial
SFR commercial - don't sleep alone in a plane

World of Warcraft Commercials