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Jun's Covers

Jun's Covers

New Covers to discover !

Radioactive - Original by Imagine Dragons
Do I Wanna Know - Original by Artic Monkeys
Royals - Original by Lorde
Stay - Original by Rihanna
Diamonds by Marylin Monroe
There are worse things I could do - Rizzo, Grease
Gee, Baby ain't I good to You
Trick Me - Original by Kelis
When I'm gone - Perfect Pitch - Cups - Anna Kendrikx

Chanteur Bruxelles
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The 20 Firsts covers in Video


N°19 All that Jazz (Original in Chicago Soundtrack)
N°20 L'Homme à la Moto (Originale par Edith Piaf)
N°17 New York, New York (Original by Frank Sinatra)
N°18 Why don't you do right (Original by Jessica Rabbit)
N°15 L'amour est un oiseau rebel (Originale, Opéra "Carmen")
N°16 Hit'Em up (Original by Blu Cantrell)
N°13 The Devil is a Loser (Original by Lordi)
N°14 I follow Rivers (Original by Lykke Li)
N°11 Born to be Wild (Original by Steppenwolf)
N°12 U and Ur Hand (Original by Pink)

N°9 Foxy Lady by Lazylemon (Original by Jimmy Hendrix)
N°10 Darling Nikki (Original by Prince)
N°7 Smile (Original by Nat King Cole)
N°8 Somebody that I use to know (Original by Gotye)
N°5 Fallin' (Original by Alicia Keys)
N°6 Burn one down (Original by Ben Harper)
N°3 Creep (Original by Radiohead)
N°4 These boots are made for walking (Original by Nancy Sinatra)
N°1 Settle down (Original by Kimbra)
N°2 Turn me on (Original by Norah Jones)

LazyLemon Songs Original Compositions

Older Composition & Covers

Jazzygoreng - Givichy Universal Feat. Jun
Electro friends sent me over the soundtrack.
I recorded a few version of the voice I saw on it.
Sent these back. And after their mounting, here it is!
Don't Let me Get Me - Pink - Interpreted by Jun
I participated to "Studio Session" and had chosen This song
as it was rythmed fun and easy to present.
Autumn Leaves - Kriss & Jun toness
Kristel a good keyboard player and I composed ...
Improvised a few things like this one or the following.
The Bork - Kriss & Jun Tones
this one is more of an impro :))

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